GM/IM Norm Anogia

Anogia is a traditional village of Crete,  740 metres up on the north face of Mount Psiloritis to be precise.

Participant’s List and Pairings:

It’s a short hop from here to the stunning Nida Plateau, the Ideon Cave (mythology describes how Zeus grew up here), the observatory at the top of the Skinaka as well as the ancient settlement of Zominthos. 

Anogia has a history that is powerful and tragic – burned by the Turks, then by the Germans who during the war, as reprisal for kidnapping a German general called Krieppe, rounded up and shot all the men they could find in the village..

Anogia is the ideal place to concentrate and get inspired to discover your bst chess and yourself!!

The Anogia GM/IM Norm tournaments will be the last ones in Cretan Chess Tour, scheduled for September 11th to 19th. 

Here are the regulations: 

ORGANIZERS: AnogiaChess Club, Idaioi Chess Club, Heraklio OAA Chess Club.

CO-ORGANIZERS:Municipality of Anogia, Region of Crete.

MODE: Round Robin tournament with 10 participants with possibility of achieving GM or IM norm, average rating over 2381.

TOURNAMENT VENUE: Piraeus Bank’s Hall, Anogia – Crete.


GM NORM TOURNAMENT  ENTRY FEE (Includes Accommodation)

Elo Entry Fee
2201-2250 800€
2251-2300 750€
2301-2350 700€
2351-2400 650€
2401-2450 600€
2451-2500 550€
+2500 500€

IM NORM TOURNAMENT  ENTRY FEE (Includes Accommodation)

Elo Entry Fee
2051-2100 800€
2101-2150 750€
2151-2200 700€
2201-2250 650€
2251-2300 600€
2301-2350 550€
2351-2400 500€
+2400 450€

ACCOMMODATION: The entry fee includes accommodation for up to 11 nights in single room (triple or double rooms used as single) with no breakfast or other meals included.

1 or even 2 accompanying persons are coming for free!

Early registration 50% discount up to 15th of March 2019.

Early registration 25% discount up to 15th of May 2019.

The playing hall is in less than 5 minutes walking distance for any of the accommodation options.

Accommodation options:

  1. Municipality Rooms The rooms are of high standards with their own WC, AC, wi-fi, fridge and TV.  Each room has plenty of space and has three beds BUT there is no kitchen neither a possibility of cooking.
  2. Double or triple roomsin 3* hotels which provide cooking facilities aswell.

Pickup service by organizers’ bus or car from and to the airport is not included but it might be provided (for free) after early on agreement.

The entry fee is calculated with the current rating published on the date of confirmation. A confirmation is considered valid only after the deposit of the correspondent entry fee to the followingbank account:

Piraeus Bank: IBAN: GR 94 0171 1630 0061 6304 0030 989

ACCOUNT HOLDER NAME: Anogia Chess Club (Skakistikos Omilos Anogion),


Bank’s Address: Anogia Milopotamou, Crete

For the invited grandmasters (GM)it is offered accommodation and appearance fee upon request.

Deadline of entry fee deposit Monday, 5-8-2019  
Publish of the pairings per round Monday, 5-8-2019 17.00
Opening Ceremony Wednesday, 11-9-2019 16.30
Round 1 Wednesday, 11-9-2019 17.00
Round 2 Thursday y, 12-9-2019 17.00
Round 3 Friday, 13-9-2019 17.00
Round 4 Saturday, 14-9-2019 17.00
Round 5 Sunday, 15-9-2019 17.00
Round 6 Monday, 16-9-2019 17.00
Round 7 Tuesday, 17-9-2019 17.00
Round 8 Wednesday, 18-9-2019 17.00
Round 9 Thursday,19-9-2019                                                                                                                                                  11.00
Closing Ceremony Thursday, 19-9-2019 20.00  

TIME CONTROL: 90 min for 40 moves + 30min + 30sec per move from the first move. It is obligatory writing down the moves during the entire duration of the game. Players arriving 30 minutes or more after the start of a round shall be forfeited.

TIE-BREAKS: 1. Direct Encounter 2. Sonneborn-berger system 3. Koya System 4. Number of wins

APPEALS: Appeals may be submitted until 10 minutes after the end of the round. A 3-member Appeals Committee will be responsible for their examination. Members of the AC related to the players involved will be exempted. The composition of the AC will be determined before the start of the tournament by the Chief Arbiter. The appeal fee is set at 100€ and may be deposited to the Tournament Director or the Chief Arbiter. Should the appeal be vindicated, the fee shall be returned to the appellant; otherwise it is withheld by the organizers.

ANTI-CHEATING:  During the game it is forbidden the appearance and use of cell phones and any other electronic devices inside the playing venue and the playing hall.

INFORMATION: For any additional information you may come in contact with: Tournament director, Klokas Konstantinos: +30 6937880733.