Open Hersonissos

Hersonissos, the land of experiences…

3rd Hersonissos Int. chess tournament,
15th to 23rd of May 2019

ORGANIZERS: Heraklion Chess Club, Heraklio OAA, Hersonissos Chess Academy, Candia Chess Club.

Co-Organizers: Municipality of Hersonissos, Administration of Crete.

MODE: 2 Groups Swiss FIDE system 9 (nine) rounds:

  • Group A: Open section
  • Group B: Up to 14 years old and with no more than 1100 rating

Playing venue: Lyttos Beach Hotel (****) Hersonissos Crete, Greece

Situated next to a beautiful golden coast, on one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, Crete, and within a 20 kilometer distance from the airport of Heraklion (code: HER), a colorful garden of more than 500 palm trees, fragrant flowers and plants, awaits for you to create your new holiday memories. In the famous holiday destination of Hersonissos, the hotel can easily be compared to a heavenly scenery.

Confirmation of participation Tuesday, 14-5-2019  
Pairings 1st round Tuesday, 14-5-2019 22.00
Opening Ceremony Wednesday, 15-5-2019 15.30
Round 1 Wednesday, 15-5-2019 16.00
Round 2 Thursday, 16-5-2019 16.00
Round 3 Friday, 17-5-2019 16.00
Round 4 Saturday, 18-5-2019 16.00
Round 5 Sunday, 19-5-2019 16.00
Round 6 Monday, 20-5-2019 16.00
Round 7 Tuesday, 21-5-2019 16.00
Round 8 Wednesday, 22-5-2019 16.00
Round 9 Thursday, 23-5-2019 15.00
Closing Ceremony Thursday, 23-5-209 20.30

TIME CONTROL: 90 min for 40 moves + 30min + 30sec per move from the first move. It is obligatory writing down the moves during the entire duration of the game. Players arriving 30 minutes or more after the start of a round shall be forfeited.

PARTICIPATION & FEES: Entry fees should be given in cash by latest 15th of May or can be earlier deposited to the following bank account:

Piraeus Bank, IBAN: GR96 0172 7510 0057 5109 1778 649
Account Holder: Leon Candia Chess Club
25th August str., No 39, Heraklion 712 02

GROUP A: General entry fee 100€. For players of Greek Chess Federation the entry fee is 50€, For players of the Cretan Chess Clubs the entry fee is 40€. For Players carrying the titles of GM, WGM, IM, WIM no entry fee is required.

GROUP B (under 14 & U1100 rating): Participation Fee 25€.


Money Prizes
1st winner 1000€
2nd winner 600€
3rd winner 300€
4th to 8th winner  250€ (50€ Χ 5)
1st female woman 200€
2nd female woman 100€
3rd female woman 50€
1st < 2000 ELO 250€
1st < 1600 ELO 250€
Total 3.000€

In case of a tie the prize fund are split equally.

Cups and medals will be given to the first three places in both groups and to all special categories.

TIE BREAKS: For the prize funds in case of a tie the money prizes are split equally. For the rest of the prizes the tie breaks are: 1. Result between tied players (if they have played all with each other) 2. buchholz 3. Number of wins 4. Sonnenborn-berger. 

A player qualifying for more than one prize receives the highest.

EXCLUSIONS – APPEALS: Exclusions from a round are allowed with an on time notice to the tournament director (10’ after the end of the previous round) and once it can be given half a point if the exclusion is within the first 5 rounds. In case a player doesn’t show up on a particular round he/she is forfeited from the tournament. APPEALS may be submitted until 10 minutes after the end of the round. A 3-member Appeals Committee will be responsible for their examination. Members of the AC related to the players involved will be exempted. The composition of the AC will be determined before the start of the tournament by the Chief Arbiter. The appeal fee is set at 100€ and may be deposited to the Tournament Director or the Chief Arbiter. Should the appeal be vindicated, the fee shall be returned to the appellant; otherwise it is withheld by the organizers.

ANTI-CHEATING:  During the game it is forbidden to carry cell phones and/or any other electronic devices inside the playing venue and the playing hall.

ACCOMODATION: Organizers has managed to secure the following prices for the chess players and accompanying persons in this excellent luxury resort Lyttos Beach Hotel Hersonissos Crete in all inclusive basis


  7 nights all inclusive    8 nights all inclusive 9 nights all inclusive     
Single Room 999€ 1099€ 1199€
Double Room 599€ 649€ 699€
Triple Room 449€ 499€ 549€
Family Room (4 persons) 349€ 399€ 449€

Reservations are valid upon deposit in the following bank account:

Piraeus Bank, IBAN: GR96 0172 7510 0057 5109 1778 649
Account Holder: Leon Candia Chess Club  SWIFT-BIC CODE: PIRBGRAA
25th August str., No 39, Heraklion 712 02

Live Games: The first 20 boards of the tournament will be transmitted live through tournament’s website:

INFORMATION: For reservations or anyadditional information and subscription to the tournament you may contact IOKostas Klokas